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Heavily inspired by Håvard’s allbymyself films I have finally got my solo piano recording done! It’s taken a lot of time and effort, and the feeling of holding an album in my hands feels almost unreal. It’s been a musical process I’ve never really been through before. I’ve basically never performed or recorded my own… Read more »

Juha Mieto

Happy new year! Cross country skiiing legend, Olympic gold medalist and Finnish parliament member Juha Mieto shares his views on Jazz & Fly Fishing with us: PS! We´re working hard on some new videos at the moment. A 2013 allbymyself video and our Season 2 trailer is right around the corner. Stay tuned! Later –… Read more »


Hi! Just a short report and some pics from Santiago, Chile, where I played with Håvard Stubø Quartet last week. The tour was great fun, the food was good, the beer was refreshing, the music was happening, the audience was great. Everything was good. And there was no fishing at all. Why? Because I just… Read more »

End-of-the-year-2013 SALE!

Good news for all of you who still don’t have our DVD or CD. Order before January 1st and you’ll get 5 EUR off the price for either of the products! There’s still time to get them for Christmas, but order before the worst mail rush. It’s very simple: you go to this page. Then… Read more »


 Right now, the short arctic autumn is rapidly turning into winter. Which is a good thing, really: The last couple of weeks have been a kind a limbo – no fly fishing and no skiing, just grey, wet, cold and dark. Late autumn is always messy, even the travelling and touring feels muddy and cold…. Read more »


Hi! Just got word that my short film “It´s Hardly Ever Like That” is nominated for this year´s Gullkroken award in the “Best Film/Short Film” category. I feel really proud and flattered to be nominated along such heavyweights as Lars Nilssen and André Brun, and hope to see as many of you as possible at… Read more »

Out of the water

After an exceptionally long fishing summer, with an early spring and warm autumn, the winter’s now just around the corner. How do I know? We are actually having mail conversations again, first time after the summer’s fishing. Discussions about upcoming film projects, fishing trips and tours. I myself have been quite busy with my solo… Read more »

Autumn Is Underrated

Last year, I made a video about autumn fly fishing called Eternal Summer. In the video´s voiceover I say something like  “I have to admit I´ve never really liked autumn that much”. Well, now I have to admit that since moving up north, I´ve actually started to like autumn a lot! I went fishing yesterday,… Read more »

Autumn, Mayflies & Arctic Char

  Hello again! This weekend wasn´t supposed to be about fishing at all. Friday was spent doing lots of incredibly boring office work (the dark side of being a jazz musician), and saturday was all about manual labour. Well, the weather was awful anyway, so it´s not like I missed out on any fly fishing…. Read more »