Out of the water

After an exceptionally long fishing summer, with an early spring and warm autumn, the winter’s now just around the corner. How do I know? We are actually having mail conversations again, first time after the summer’s fishing. Discussions about upcoming film projects, fishing trips and tours.

I myself have been quite busy with my solo piano album launch. It was supposed to be released in early 2014 but the plans have changed to the earlier. I couldn’t say no to the opportunity to have an album release concert at a brand new jazz festival in Helsinki, We Jazz Festival, the 14th of December. I’m thrilled and honored  to share the stage with Timo Lassy, one of Finlands hottest jazz names, and the living legend Tomasz Stanko from Poland. I’m both excited and super nervous at the same time, this is truely new ground for me – I’ve never had a solo concert with my own music before. Anyway, the album’s soon in press and I promise to give you a taste!

People! Stay tuned for new videos, blog posts and music! Trout! Make sexy time and lots of baby trouts! We’ll be right back.

Here’s the jazz evergreen Autumn Leaves performed by Keith Jarrett Trio. Enjoy!

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