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I envy the guitar players, sax players, trumpet players etc. They can always carry their instrument on the tours. Even Tapani carried his double bass on the JFF tour (it filled half the bus but it was there). With the pianos it’s different. Sometimes you get to play a beautiful Steinway grand and fall in… Read more »

Fever, The Kitchen Monster And The Autumn

I have had a touch of fever now for two days. I find it extremely boring! After one day of sporadic practicing on the practice-pad and the piano I had to do something else. Started to bake and cook as a true maniac. My furious hands took over and I became the kitchen monster. No… Read more »

We´re gonna keep doing this!

The tour was a blast. I had the best time ever. Seriously! Although touring with the TLQ and the camera crew was a lot of fun, coming home to my little family wasn´t too bad either… There are lots of things going on at the moment. Since the tour ended, I´ve released a new record… Read more »

Competition judging, on-going!

We are now trying to decide the winner from all the photos send to us! Thanks to all contenders! Judging our way, is a delicate and time consuming process, so we kindly ask some patience from all the participant. The winner will be contacted next week, latest.

The tour is over – more is coming!

The tour is over! What a tour! There are so many things that happened, so many things to tell. We will now give to you, dear readers, the secret stories about the tour, stuff that are so fascinating and sometimes even horrible, that some of you might get scared when you read it. Really scared!… Read more »

Arctic Char fishing in Mordor

The next day, the festival staff hooked us up with a local fishing oracle, Morten,  and together we embarked on a serious fishing trip for my favourite fish – the arctic char. Morten´s special place was like nothing I´ve ever seen. Just going there was an adventure in itself! The round was dangerously narrow (even… Read more »

At World´s End

The Varanger area is a place of great contrasts: Lush, green farmlands and sterile tundra wasteland within walking distance of each other. Vegetation of rainforest-like density juxtaposed with landscapes that look way scarier than Mordor from Tolkien´s Lord of the Rings. And, in the middle of all this, the beautiful town of Vadsø (pop. 6500),… Read more »

Oulu, Elojazz

We had a very nice concert in Elojazz with a featuring sax player Antti Hynninen. He has recently released an excellent album with his group Auteur Jazz. It just so happened that Antti is also an established fly fisherman, so he decided to join us for the trip to Norway’s Varangerfest. We all thought that… Read more »

Pike Fishing

After building up our egos catching the beautiful brown trout in Ransarån we were confident to try something different so we went after the most fearsome of the scandinavian predators: the pike. Gafsele is a place where many of Sweden’s biggest pikes are caught and 10 kg is not uncommon in these waters. We were… Read more »

Joona's JFF interview on SR P4

You can listen to Joona’s interview on the Swedish Radio P4 at The interview is in Finnish, you can find it at “Tiistai 1.9.” a bit down on the page.