The tour is over – more is coming!

The tour is over! What a tour! There are so many things that happened, so many things to tell. We will now give to you, dear readers, the secret stories about the tour, stuff that are so fascinating and sometimes even horrible, that some of you might get scared when you read it. Really scared! We also have some movies made by us (not by the professional producer) and I have to say that we are very proud over those movies. Since we in the band don’t know how to make a proper movie, they are very strange. Strange but wonderful. One of them is a very scary documentation over what happens when Tapani gets mad. Just you wait and see! But first, let’s start with a friendly blog about the happy life in Gothenburg.

Well, after our long long tour, far far away, I was very tired when we finally arrived to my hometown Gothenburg. My mind felt upside down after this magic and hectic summer and the body didn’t really work. That smell we had inside the car – it’s still in my head. It´s impossible to describe what the smell was like, that must be experienced. Old socks, rotten shoes, very old socks, slimy bananas and even older socks was everywhere in the car. Try to imagine that! It was the perfect, hmmm, blend… Back in Gothenburg I needed some peace without the other nasty guys in the group. Just for a while. Its not that I don’t miss them, Håvard and his great smile, Joonas silent moments, Tapanis furious anger, I do, but still, sometimes you need a short break in order to stay in one piece. After two days of doing nothing else but staring at the wall in my apartment, I decided to do something.

Why not go fishing, it was a while ago! My friend Dave and I went to the secret perch lake outside Gothenburg. Ida, my girlfriend joined us after some hours. The sun was shining and it was 25 degrees, a beautiful summer day. We caught a couple of really nice ones, some over 1 kg. One of them wanted to join us for dinner and after a short discussion, we agreed. To make the meal a little bit more complete, we also picket a bunch of chanterelles, the gold of the Forrest. The biggest perch was caught ON a smaller perch that was hooked on the fly! Nature is cruel! Anyway, the dinner later this day was… splendid. /Fredrik

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