Fever, The Kitchen Monster And The Autumn

I have had a touch of fever now for two days. I find it extremely boring! After one day of sporadic practicing on the practice-pad and the piano I had to do something else. Started to bake and cook as a true maniac. My furious hands took over and I became the kitchen monster. No one can stop the kitchen monster from doing it’s work. It has to cook. When the food (Italian meatballs with lots of garlic, parmesan cheese and lot’s of other stuff plus pasta and bread) was done, the kitchen monster ate almost everything. Slowly I began to feel like a human again except from the the fact that I couldn’t hardly walk. Still, I decided to take a slow walk with my camera to catch the autumn before it’s gone. It looked like this. By the way… Soon, when the fever is gone, There will be some fishing for sea trout! /F

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