Monthly Archives: June 2013

Silver bars and organ pipes

This week I was playing some gigs in old churches in Sweden. Nice, acoustics and beautiful buildings and surroundings. We played some folk tunes, classical themes and hymns, all arranged for a jazz trio. I of course brought my camera and took some photos along the way. When I got home I went fishing for… Read more »

New video: Focus

Here’s a short film from a trip a couple of weeks back. One man, one camera, one fish, one situation. Plus some experimenting with the out-of-focus shapes with different lenses. Music by Jazz & Fly Fishing. Enjoy! Focus from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

Big Mayflies, Big Trout and Big Horses

  Ahhh. Sometimes, life above the arctic circle is just so… good. Sunny weather, green fields, snowcapped mountains, and huge amounts of Ephemera vulgata mayflies hatching. What more can you ask for? I only caught one single fish today, but it was a really good one, a 2,4 kg (5,3 lb) wild brown trout on… Read more »