Monthly Archives: June 2009

Even Further North

We woke up very early, took down the tent and forced it to fit in the tent bag. After a hectic day with several hours in the car, we arrived to Harstad for the consert at the Festspillene i Nord-Norge festival. Håvard set a new personal record by talking three hours without a single break…. Read more »

Takin´ Off

The gas pedal was pushed hard in order to get to the gig in Narvik, driving through incredibly beautiful landscapes. We made it! The gig went really well, considering that it was our first on this long summer tour. After the gig we drove to the secret river, let´s call it the Upper Itchen, where… Read more »

Heading north

It’s been a very intense day but we are finally on the road towards Tornio where we are going to spend the night. Me and Fredrik arrived in Helsinki in the morning and after picking up Tapani and the instruments we continued to the Halti headquarters to get our outdoor equipment. The huge tent has… Read more »

Some pics from my test fishing in Upper Itchen

Really looking forward to starting the tour now! As the guys said earlier, I have been test fishing for about a month now, covering lots of exciting, new spots in Northern Norway and Sweden. And I’m very happy to report that I’ve stumbled upon quite a few hidden pearls… These pics are all from a… Read more »

Waiting for the jazzwagon…

Just got back to Helsinki from the Netherlands where I saw my girlfriend for the last time before uptaking the potentially hazardous jazz’n flyfishing venture. The jazzmobile with Joona and Fred should pick me up at approximetly 15 hours! I’ll have my knives ready! I hope the big pimped car has a fly-tying table since… Read more »

Off we go…

…still no underwear but instead a nice cup of coffee and 2000 lonely flies. Oh, I forgot to mention the 45 pounds backpack, my cymbals and the laptop. I wonder what Håvard and Tapani is doing right now. Håvard is probably practising in front of the mirror while Tap is doing his daily dose of… Read more »

On the road – at last!

The tour has finally started! I’m sitting on a train from Gothenburg towards Stockholm and further to Uppsala, where I’ll pick up the tour wagon. The car has been pimped to match the classy J&FF look! Pictures will be posted shortly… After serious packing and unpacking I managed to fit my gear in three bags… Read more »

Forum opened

Jazz & Fly Fishing forum is still a little bit in the middle of transition. We encourage people to write there and challenge each other and the Tight Lines Quartet guys to reply to most strangiest questions.  We will note the most peculiar forum user!

Pre-tour, Blog opening

THE JAZZ & FLY FISHING TOUR IS ABOUT TO START. The blogging on this page is about to start. We wish all readers and forum user a good summer, ether your with us on tour or in the web. Quick tasting from the preparations of J&FF team, Tight Lines Quartet guys. Best regards and see… Read more »