Monthly Archives: February 2011

Release Morning

Yesterday was fantastic! The gig was really fun and we had a great night! Joona tried snuff (snus) for the first time and my father won the first price in the lottery – a very nice fly fishing kit from Guideline. Now Håvard and me are sitting at my kitchen table. A day of planning… Read more »

Tonight, Baby!

Releaseparty tonight at Parken, Gothenburg, 19.30. Cheap and wonderful records, semi-cheap beer, great prizes for the lucky ones, and lots of beautiful, happy people! B There!

Brand New Season

Suddenly, spring doesn´t feel that far away anymore. OK, it´s – 10 degrees outside, but yesterday I started looking thorugh my flyboxes, and that´s a sure sign that the new season is drawing closer. Mostly to sum it up to myself, I thought I´d give you an overview of some of our plans for this… Read more »

Album release!

After one summer of touring (and fishing), numerous rehearsals, planning (and fishing) sessions, hours of laughing and crying – we are now ready for releasing the album – Slow Walking Water – the next milestone on our long and rocky road. We are very excited, as this will be the first real physical evidence of… Read more »

The Alps

Hi! I just came back from the Swiss Alps near a very nice town called Le Chable. It was my first time there and I was truly amazed by the beautiful mountains. The reality actually beats the postcards this time. The highest peak is called Mont Forte and it peaks at 3300m, and the route… Read more »

Active week!

I’m moving in three weeks. Very soon I’ll live very close to a nice lake with access to beautiful fishing spots and huge running-areas. I can’t wait much longer. But right now it is a bit messy at home. All over the apartment there are stuff. With stuff I mean things like chairs, pillows, underwear,… Read more »

Japan, Baby!

Hi! I’m in Japan! It’s fun! Played at Pit Inn in Tokyo yesterday with my own Håvard Stubø Quartet, and we’re playing there again in a couple of hours. Great club! No time to write now, so here are some pics instead:

The Cigar Rod

Today I’m home, fever and some other friends have occupied me – a perfect situation to work on the wooden ice fishing rods. Maybe I’ll tie some flies also, the sea trout season is getting closer (but still very very far away). Unfortunately I forgot the drumstick-rod at my rehearsing place so I can’t show… Read more »