The Cigar Rod

Today I’m home, fever and some other friends have occupied me – a perfect situation to work on the wooden ice fishing rods. Maybe I’ll tie some flies also, the sea trout season is getting closer (but still very very far away). Unfortunately I forgot the drumstick-rod at my rehearsing place so I can’t show that. I made a short list of stuff I have to do today, here it is:

1. Work on the ice rod

2. Write on an article

3. Practice a little bit on the drum pad

4. Send some mails to different places south of Sweden regarding our tour in the autumn

5. Maybe start to paint again, it was a while ago

6. Bake

7. Work on the front pic to the album of a pop band I play in (nice band, to check it out, click the blue text below):

Anyway, here is the cigar-rod. There is no single detail made of metal or se ever, it is completely made of wood. It will be fishable tomorrow! The reel is made of a cigar-case, the tip comes from that kind of drumstick you’re not allowed to use, the body/handle is made of a broken chair. The most annoying detail to make was easily the top ring. That is also made of the cigar-case…

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