Active week!

I’m moving in three weeks. Very soon I’ll live very close to a nice lake with access to beautiful fishing spots and huge running-areas. I can’t wait much longer. But right now it is a bit messy at home. All over the apartment there are stuff. With stuff I mean things like chairs, pillows, underwear, fly rods, reels, flies, waders, CD:s, a big and heavy but nice piano that we must get rid of, ice rods, camera stuff, letters, old letters, fishing magazines, drums, drum sticks… Then we have Idas belongings, but they are of course already packed down.

Since me and Ida, my girlfriend, has a lot of things to do all the time, we have to use every minute we can to pack. I haven’t really done that yet but it is coming. What I’ve been doing lately is:

1. arranging some pop songs, more exactly arranging the horns

2. working on the front page of another pop band with some acryl and water color (the tension)

3. Writing on some articles

4. Practicing, more exactly building the thunder chops before our release concert

5. Been thinking of the shadow cast – is it possible to take it even further?

6. Receiving a new and fantastic fly tying vice from HMH – soon I’ll tie the secret fly patterns and put on the blog.

Here are some pics from the last week:

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