Brand New Season

Suddenly, spring doesn´t feel that far away anymore. OK, it´s – 10 degrees outside, but yesterday I started looking thorugh my flyboxes, and that´s a sure sign that the new season is drawing closer.

Mostly to sum it up to myself, I thought I´d give you an overview of some of our plans for this season, off the top of my head. You see, we plan to travel quite a bit in 2011 and 2012, and more importantly, we plan to record a brand new film. We´ll be following a script for most of the filming, but we´ll also make loads of blog videos and weird stuff at the same time, and these will be posted as we move along. Here it goes, J&FF´s 2011:

1. Releaseparty in Gothenburg this wednesday!

Be there! Parken, Gothenburg. Videos on the big screen, new album, nice prizes for the lucky ones in the audience and a hell of a lot of fun! We´ll also be recording the first scenes in our new film Season Two there.

2. Seatrout sessions on the Swedish west coast (early April)

Fredrik´s knowledge of the seatrout fishing on Swedens´s west coast is vast, and with the aid of his expert guiding, we´re going to try to make the impossible possible: Make seatrout fishing in the sea look fun and exciting on film.

3.Release concerts in Oslo and Helsinki with urban fly fishing sessions (late May)

Herr Nilsen, Oslo, May 28th, 16.00. Be there, too! Helsinki date coming up.

4. Sight Fishing for monster pike (early June)

Don´t wanna reveal too much here, but I can say that we´ve recieved some tips about a place where you can sight fish for huge, aggressive pike. Crystal clear water and giant predators! Should be exciting (and make good filming).

5. Ransarån (early June)

Ahhh, beautiful Ransarån.  I just have to go there every year. Spectacular, really tricky sight fishing, and the occasional midge and stone fly hatch.

6. Sight Fishing for monster arctic char and brown trout at the mysterious “Z” (early July)

Don´t wanna say too much about this one, you´ll see…

7. Bosnia here we come! (late July)

In late july, we´ll do a couple of gigs in Bosnia and fly fish the beautiful spring creeks. I excite!

8. Late Season Lapland Fever (late August)

Hunting for the big wild browns in Lapland

9. Fall Grayling (late September)

Grayling fishing in southeastern Norway. Should be fun.

10. European tour Poland, Holland, and France (early October)

More details on this later…

11. Down Under, Baby! (late 2011/ early 2012)

Australia/New Zealand, Jazz/Fly fishing.

Well, I might have forgotten something. Maybe J, F or T can fill in the blanks. And like we´ve done all along, we will of course continue to post videos, photos and stories  from other trips and projects that aren´t “official” J&FF material.

And we´ll probably end up doing some more stuff as well. A real salt water fly fishing trip along the jagged coasts of Northern norway is also a priority – le´s see if we can squeeze it in this year or if it´s 2012 material.

PS! 2012 keywords: Japan, Russia, UK, US ++



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