Monthly Archives: May 2010

Full moon

The weather was excellent when me and Fredrik decided to go for sea trout fishing after a long break. Light wind from the west and good conditions in the water. A couple of hours of fishing in the evening, and Fredrik’s sinking line and a big shrimp imitation were what the trout liked. He landed… Read more »

Hot day running…

As a fly fisherman and musician I have to stay in shape. As a matter of fact, I believe it is more like this: as a human creature I/we have to stay in shape. Our modern lifestyle will otherwise transform us into cheese doodles! Anyway, me and Joona ran the half marathon in Gothenburg last… Read more »

Hot day running

I’m now slowly recovering from last Saturday’s running. As I told earlier me and Fredrik ran the Göteborgsvarvet, world’s biggest half marathon competition. The day was very hot and sunny, the temperature was around 25-26 degrees celsius during the whole run. It was the first warm day this year and many of the runners had… Read more »

A Video of Lars, Lars & Me at Smestaddammen

I was out fishing with Lars & lars again the other day, and Lars Lenth took us to his secret urban fishing spot in Oslo, known only to a few die-hard urban anglers: Smestaddammen. Maestro Nilssen made a short film out of it, and the video is out now on Lars&Lars´ blogTV now. Check it… Read more »

JFF goes Göteborgsvarvet

In order to be in shape for the fishing season me and Fredrik decided to participate in the Göteborgsvarvet, a half marathon running competition in Gothenburg. It’s a big running party with around 50 000-60 000 runners, lots of bands playing by the track and the whole city watching and cheering. The weather forecast is… Read more »

Cleaning your waders

Maybe the most peculiar piece of clothing that the fly fishermen wear are the waders. Maybe not the stuff James Bond would wear, but let’s face it. All fly fishermen love their waders, right? Waders or Armani suit? Waders. Most of the time. After a hard day of fishing you might want a beer in… Read more »

Spring flood

After a couple of days of radio silence I’m back again. I’ve had busy weeks with the trio album and some gigs and really haven’t have any spare time at all. It always happens in the spring: a lot of stuff gets piled and the schedule gets overfilled. A kind of a spring flood that… Read more »

Urban Fly Fishing with Lars & Lars

I was over at Vigelandsparken again yesterday, trying to hook up with more urban trout. Out of nowhere, Norwegian fly fishing legends Lars Lenth and Lars Nilssen, known from various books, articles and TV-shows, showed up with their fly rods and camera ready… The result of our joint efforts can be seen on their exciting… Read more »

New trio album coming!

I just returned from Helsinki where I was mixing Joona Toivanen trio‘s new album. This is a band both me, Tapani and the drummer Olavi Louhivuori have played had since we were kids. Olavi had just finished a long US tour with Polish trumpet legend Tomasz Stanko’s quintet, and it was great to meet with… Read more »