Spring flood

After a couple of days of radio silence I’m back again. I’ve had busy weeks with the trio album and some gigs and really haven’t have any spare time at all. It always happens in the spring: a lot of stuff gets piled and the schedule gets overfilled. A kind of a spring flood that just keeps rising. On top of that I got the cold (again) and have been curing that. Last weekend I finally got some time to relax and I spent my time fishing, barbecuing and just relaxing.

I went fishing to a small stream in southern Sweden. The flood was still high and unfortunately the very high summer temperatures that have been caressing Finland and northern parts of Scandinavia didn’t reach there. It was pretty damn cold and the fishing was slow. The sun showed up a couple of afternoon hours and that made the fish active. I got one trout that I saw rising, and then it was time to return to the grill where the steaks were getting too well done. The day after, the temperature went down and it was raining. Active fish rising all over the place? No. Still, just walking in the woods and casting was exactly what I needed after a hectic period.



Wow! Beautiful fish in a beautiful river. Around 1 kg? I must admit this makes me a little bit jealous. Where in southern Sweden did you say this was again?


Yeah, the trout was around 1 kg. The river is called Alsterån, it’s a long river in the province of Småland. I’d love to get back there in a couple of weeks when the water’s a bit lower and the insects wake up! It might be difficult though, I guess I have to try something closer to home, maybe Säveån (a fantastic river outside Gothenburg).


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