Monthly Archives: June 2012

Greetings! We are up north. We have started our expedition. The weather is crap. The weather will get better. We will catch big fish. We will keep you posted. Stay tunes!

New Video: Picking Blueberries

On June 14th, I grabbed my camera and my flyrod and went to one of my favorite areas to fish and film a little bit. Beautiful scenery, beautiful fish and a not-so-beautiful man. Bon appetite!


Now what’s going on here??? Firstly: our producer was in a bike crash and was really close to end up on the hospital bed for a long while. Luckily he was wearing a helmet and made it only with bruces. No fly casting for a while, but he’ll be fine for the summer’s expedition. Secondly:… Read more »

Back at the Upper Itchen

Ahhh. Finally back at the Upper Itchen! It´s great to be back up north again. Early summer is a magical time above the arctic circle, with nature exploding in the perpetual daylight. The transition between winter and summer is incredibly short – spring up here lasts for a couple of weeks – so everything is… Read more »

National Day, Bears And Plans

Greetings from Sweden! No picture this time, I’ll save them for later! Click on the blue text below to see the greeting card. This iphone-clip is from Dresden, and today we’re doing about the same thing in Gothenburg. This is how we are supposed to celebrate our own national day. On friday I will hopefully… Read more »