Monthly Archives: April 2010

Today: a Photo of a (fat) Fish

Fredrik, JFF´s own sea trout master, has been to one of his secret seatrout spots around Gothenburg again. He sent us this picture just to make us jealous. Guess what? It´s working, Fred! And what a beautiful fish! Since he is an accomplished chef, I´m sure he´s already made a tasty meal out of it…. Read more »

The Tight Lines Quartet Is Dead – Long Live Jazz & Fly Fishing!

When we were in Gothenburg recording our new album, we had a vote and the result was unanimous: The band is no longer called Tight Lines Quartet, but simply Jazz & Fly Fishing. Nobody was using the other name anyway – everyone just called us Jazz & Fly Fishing (we even did ourselves). Jazz &… Read more »

New Web Site Launched!

Good times! The Jazz & Fly Fishing team has been working hard to make the most out of the JFF-web experience, and now the time has come to reveal our new site! We hope you like it! (Please submit any feedback about it via the comment link below the post.) In addition to our brand… Read more »

The Silver Rush

Here’s my answer to Håvard’s video gear madness. Chaplin didn’t have the super colors and stereo mics, we don’t need them either. But the music! Duke Ellington and his orchestra played jazz when jazz was young and the fish were big. And Fredrik’s monster trout is finally revealed here!

The Latest News

Today it is friday. What are the latest news? 1. Håvard is broke but happy. He found real happiness when he became the gear machine. He is also gonna get some more Norwegian oil money pretty soon, that’s for sure. 2. Earlier this week I promised to arrange a nice little competition. Have I done… Read more »

Video Gear Madness

The following e-mails were exchanged between Joona and me today: —————————————————————————- Subject: Videogear! Sent: Tue, 20 April, 2010 17:17:52 From: Håvard Stubø To: Joona Toivanen, Tapani Toivanen, Fredrik Hamrå I have now ordered the following gear: – Portable travel harddisk – La Cie rugged 500 GB (Petzi style) – Canon Wideangle lens (screws on to… Read more »

Creative competition

It is now in the middle of the night, I just arrived from a late gig. Since I’m very tired I might express myself in a not very clear way. Well well, today I woke up (as usual), had my coffee, ran 14 kilometers, biked 20 kilometers, fixed some pics, thought about some bullshit-ideas and… Read more »

Encounter with the snake

Today I took a short trip out to the sea despite a very strong wind. I skipped the waders and just took the sneakers and combined the fishing with some jogging on the cliffs. A couple of hours of casting in 14 m/s wind resulted in one tiny trout. On the way back I almost… Read more »

Today: a Photo

As we´ve written earlier, Fredrik is a true Renaissance man. He´s the kind of guy that can do anything – without really trying. This photo was taken yesterday with his trusty Nikon D90. I think it looks really cool. Fred is sleeping right now after a rough night, but I guess he´ll explain a little… Read more »