Video Gear Madness

The following e-mails were exchanged between Joona and me today:

Subject: Videogear!
Sent: Tue, 20 April, 2010 17:17:52
From: Håvard Stubø
To: Joona Toivanen, Tapani Toivanen, Fredrik Hamrå

I have now ordered the following gear:
– Portable travel harddisk – La Cie rugged 500 GB (Petzi style)
– Canon Wideangle lens (screws on to the front of the camera)
– Monster battery for the camera
– Canon DM-100 external microphone with “dead cat” windscreen (supposed to be really good)
– Headphones
– 4 16 GB SDHC memorycards
– Ortlieb waterproof camera bag (all this gear (hopefully) fits in it)
– Extra RAM for the iMac
– 2 big external harddisks for the iMac
– New OS for the iMac with the latest version of iMovie

I already have this:
– Canon HF S10 Videocamera
– A lightweight stand for the camera
– Pro Zigma polarizing filter (adjustable)

I am now officially broke!

We´re getting there, guys!


Subject: Re: Videogear!
Sent: Tue, 20 April, 2010 18:27:44
From: Joona Toivanen
To: Håvard Stubø, Tapani Toivanen, Fredrik Hamrå

Man, this is not enough. You can hardly do anything with this.

You need ASAP:
– Macbook pro (latest version, with extra RAM + audio interface)
– Good speakers Dolby 5.1.
– Wireless audio system + mics
– Steady cam
– Pasi stuff for the cable filming and stuff
– Generator or solar panels for electricity in the field
– A helicopter/zeppelin/airplane for the aerial shots


God damn it! I really thought I had everything covered, and now it turns out I have to order lots more expensive stuff.
And I´m broke, too…

In Norwegian, we would call Joona a “jævla gledesdreper”.
I don´t know what it is in English. Try google translator for chrissakes.

Don´t tempt me, Belzebub!

Stay away from me, Lucifer!



The problem with all the video gear is that no one of us will have time to fish or play anymore. Luckily our (real) film producer Petzi is a flyfisherman and can play some jazz too. And he was so frustrated on the tour when he had to film all the time and he couldn’t fish! Now it’s maybe time to switch roles, buhahahahaaaaa!


When I woke up this morning I had a very clear sensation of what we need. We need to have good quality “field recording” type of audio. I thought about the idea with edirol+cam-mike stuff, but there are some problems: the edirol has a very high self-noise so its propably only good for “wireless” speech recording. It doesn’t capture the sound of nature or the surrounding environment.

I think getting that will make the difference. And I’m not only talking about getting clear speeches, but also recording the surrounding soundscape in stereo. For example it may be just some rain on the tent or us hiking with the backpacks or fred whipping his rod or the schcshclshllcsss sound of the big trout surfacing. But recording these sounds in high quality will make the experience that much more real. We need to have a sence of natural space surrounding us in the nature.

The whole experience is as good as it’s weakest link, so this is what we need in the long run:

It’s developed exactly for audio-for-picture applications. Then we have:

– 3 Good quality low noise audio channels (For example my stereo pair + my DPA miniature or cam-mike + 2 other mikes)
– Portability with external DC power (batteries or similar)
– Recording straight to minidisc or similar.
– Monitoring
– Relatively small and lightweight

Okay, I admit I should get help.


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