The Latest News

Today it is friday. What are the latest news?

1. HÃ¥vard is broke but happy. He found real happiness when he became the gear machine. He is also gonna get some more Norwegian oil money pretty soon, that’s for sure.

2. Earlier this week I promised to arrange a nice little competition. Have I done that? Yes and no… since I want everything to be perfect I don’t dare to start up the competition. There is to much pressure in the air. I’ve been looking for prizes all over my apartment, can’t find anything but trash and garbage. It is very strange. That is why I (as a boss over the whole competition) choose to delay the whole happening. T.b.c!

3. Joona is desperate. After many fishing days he still haven’t caught “the big one”. I say: Hang in there, brother, stay away from the alcoholic comfort-evenings. Sooner or later it’s going to bite over your fly… (but not this year)

4. Tapani is happy because… (nice cliffhanger)

5. I’m sorry.

Searching for prizes...

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