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It is now in the middle of the night, I just arrived from a late gig. Since I’m very tired I might express myself in a not very clear way.

Well well, today I woke up (as usual), had my coffee, ran 14 kilometers, biked 20 kilometers, fixed some pics, thought about some bullshit-ideas and played the drums for three hours. Then I went home again on the dear bike. Tomorrow I’ll do some recording stuff in the morning, then go fishing by the sea – finally some peace.
Speaking about coffee – how come the coffee here in Sweden is at least twice as strong as the coffee in United States? Can someone tell me that please! I really need to know.

Aaah… I almost forgot about the competition! Before I reveal what it is about I can tell you that the prize is gonna be a hell of a prize. The lucky winner of the competition will have the huge and unique possibility to choose among five things from my apartment. One of those “things” is a frozen trout. More info about that later.

The competition… Well, I don’t know how to arrange that yet, have to come up with something smart. Sorry for writhing this messy text. The picture below illustrates how my brain works right now – goodnight. /F

Inside the head



Looking forward to the competition! Should be interesting… Can you reveal any of the other prizes?

And about your “Spaghetti Explosion”-pic: what settings did you use on the camera?


Hmm, I’m not sure about the other prizes, there are so many possible objects here. You will like them all! Soon you’ll see photos and information about all the prizes. About the settings on the cam… I’m not really sure… some experimenting with the shutter time, blender and iso. Can check it out! Spaghetti photo is a very nice name btw! The prizes will be revealed on thursday!


mhm, Fredrik… I feel lucky about the competition… so I´ll have the frozen trout. No doubt about it!
I have a theory about the coffee: If you compare German and Swedish coffee, the Swedish one appears to be stronger because the taste is a lot tougher, more bitter. That is because it is roasted harder! Think about it: Skåne rost! I had only three cups of coffee in the last three years, but I´m convinced it´s the roasting… Have a great Sunday and Petri Heil!


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