Monthly Archives: October 2009

One Last Fishing Trip Before The Winter Is Here

The winter comes and goes. Last week it was about minus 3 degrees, this week its 10 degrees warmer. Strange but true. It’s hard to make the right choise when it comes to the clothes. To warm clothes – you’ll end up as a melting cheese. Very often a gorgonzola. To thin jacket and you… Read more »

1. Gigs 2. Fishing 3. Workout

1. This month has been pretty busy with lots of gigs around Sweden. I’ve been touring with Anna Lundqvist Quartet on a CD release tour, and this week we had a couple of gigs with Anders Hagberg’s new quartet. Anders is a Swedish flute/sax giant who masters an incredible amount of different wind instruments. He… Read more »

Our friends new video!

Timo Lassy is another strong Scadinavian jazzcomposer, and the Jazz & Fly Fishing film team members made a video for him to promote his new album! Check it out, maybe we’ll get him to fly fish too! Timo Lassy – Round Two from Ricky-Tick Records on Vimeo.

Playing and fly fishing in Gothenburg

I have been rehearsing and playing with a nice band the last week. Great players the whole bunch! The bass player (he can swing) is from South Africa and he has the hippest name I’ve ever heard: Prince Bulo! The other guys, David Beck (pi.), Eric Arellano (ten.sax.), Markus Ahlberg (trb.) and I have had… Read more »

Photo competition winner Announced!

Winner of “The coolest fishing photo” competition Announced! Eetu Myöhänen with his friend Janne Väyrynen from Finland took a photo that convinced the Jazz & Fly Fishing team with a funny mood and a different angle to all the thousands of fishing photos we’ve seen so far. High angle and a big smile! Congratz Eetu… Read more »

Two good things

Hi! I´d like to present two of my favourite products at the moment. One is a fishing fly, and the other is a record: Ismopuppan This superfly is made by Ismo Hyvärinen, an expert fly fisherman based in Kiruna. It is made of balsa wood, epoxy glue and plastic, and it imitates a swimming Caddis… Read more »

A couple of concerts – and a couple of fishing trips

I´ve been to some really good concerts in Oslo the last couple of weeks. The first one was with a trio called The Thing, and the venue was Victoria. The band consists of the hard-hitting swede Mads Gustafsson on saxophones (this guy can make the saxophone sound like a wounded T-Rex!), and the well known… Read more »