One Last Fishing Trip Before The Winter Is Here

The winter comes and goes. Last week it was about minus 3 degrees, this week its 10 degrees warmer. Strange but true. It’s hard to make the right choise when it comes to the clothes. To warm clothes – you’ll end up as a melting cheese. Very often a gorgonzola. To thin jacket and you will freeze to ice if it is a cold day. I have to get a thermometer! Anyway,  Joona and I went to a beautiful little lake close to the town. We were lucky since the weather was perfect. Not to cold and not to warm and the sun was shining. Otherwise it almost always is raining or snowing here during the cold period of the year. The snow is by the way quite rare now because of what…? yea, you were right: the global warming. Let’s stop it together, shall we!? Back to the fishing trip: Joona caught two and I only one… he is the winner! Joona – Fredrik, 2 – 1. But of course, fishing is not a competition. You can’t compete when it comes to fishing, the same goes for music! My fish was by the way much smaller than Joona smallest one! But I don’t care. It felt only nice and so on. Yeea! When Joona got his sekund trout – Ahhh, what a feeling! Pure and true joy.

We had a small accident also. I cut me on my scary knife. Håvard did the same thing with the same knife, during our tour. This knife is impossible to lock and it is very sharp. When I fish, I often forget how to use my brain. Yesterday I simply put the knife in my left pocket. After a while I was searching for something, deep down in the pocket, and sliced up my hand. Shit happens! A friendly guy gave me some paper, Joona got another trout and we all were happy!

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