Playing and fly fishing in Gothenburg

I have been rehearsing and playing with a nice band the last week. Great players the whole bunch! The bass player (he can swing) is from South Africa and he has the hippest name I’ve ever heard: Prince Bulo! The other guys, David Beck (pi.), Eric Arellano (ten.sax.), Markus Ahlberg (trb.) and I have had a really good time and we will also record some stuff the next weekend. You will hear more of this band later. In our JFF band, Tight Lines Quartet, we have now decided when to record our first full-length album. It will be quite soon. That will be the bomb!

But right now though, except from the great music and so on,  it is not so fun. A cruel period of the year has just started. I have my reasons and will now tell you why…

The autumn in Gothenburg is here. Well, it’s almost winter actually. For a fly fisher, this is a tough time! I feel the taste of the reel hard life, so hard that I can compare my self with guys like Arnold Swartzenager and Djingis Khan. This is stuff you don’t joke about. If you, dear reader, are smiling when you read the introduction of this little blogg post, stop at once! The weather outside my window is grey, slimy and cold. If the snow will come, it will immediately melt and all my shoes will break. Joonas shoes will also break. But this is just some small details about my situation. The really heavy problem is this: It’s not allowed to fish for sea trout during this half of the year!! Can you believe that! Well, I know it is for a good reason but it’s still heartbreaking! Tears are dripping from my face and down in the big beard where they stop and take rest for a while. I realized that there is only one thing left to do (maybe you’ve heard about this thing before): Indoor fishing! I put my fly rod together in my kitchen and made some quick casts. It felt good. The casting stroke was still there! I made some more casts just to make sure not to fail when the trout was supposed to show up. I have seen it many times in my kitchen but I never had the time to get the rod those times. But now… There it was, in the middle of my kitchen, slowly sipping banana flies from the floor. My hands began to shake. The trout was very close now but it did not see me, I was hiding behind my beard. With shaky hands I tied on a small banana fly imitation and started to cast. The fly landed 1 meter from the trout. Wait, wait… wait… It refused the fly! Aaaaahhh. One more cast. Now the cast was perfect. The fly was very close to the oven and the trout was heading in that direction. Bam – it is on! Strong fish, I can tell! I was fighting the big trout for about 40 minutes until it started to loose power, finally I got it in my hands. Beautiful! This one is joining for dinner!

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