Monthly Archives: September 2013

Autumn Is Underrated

Last year, I made a video about autumn fly fishing called Eternal Summer. In the video´s voiceover I say something like  “I have to admit I´ve never really liked autumn that much”. Well, now I have to admit that since moving up north, I´ve actually started to like autumn a lot! I went fishing yesterday,… Read more »

Autumn, Mayflies & Arctic Char

  Hello again! This weekend wasn´t supposed to be about fishing at all. Friday was spent doing lots of incredibly boring office work (the dark side of being a jazz musician), and saturday was all about manual labour. Well, the weather was awful anyway, so it´s not like I missed out on any fly fishing…. Read more »

Some Screenshots

Here you go. Some screenshots from some new video material, shot by Arne Mobakken and myself. Videos will start coming when autumn turns into winter. In August, Arne and I made a couple of really good fishing trips:  One to a newly discovered river high up in the mountains, and one to one of my… Read more »