Some Screenshots

Big Red

Big Red

Here you go. Some screenshots from some new video material, shot by Arne Mobakken and myself. Videos will start coming when autumn turns into winter.
In August, Arne and I made a couple of really good fishing trips:  One to a newly discovered river high up in the mountains, and one to one of my all time favourite sight fishing lakes. These trips had all the right ingredients: Long and heavy hikes, tricky yet incredibly exciting sight fishing for huge fish, crappy fishing in shitty weather, really good food, and lots and lots of laughs.

Still trying to squeeze the most out of the season up here, and tomorrow it looks like we might get some good weather. But it also seems like it might get a bit too windy (sound familiar?). If it doesn´t get too windy, I´ll go fishing, camera in hand. And if the fishing is any good at all, I´ll write a report straight away.

Stay tuned –




Without trying to describe the deep psycological meaning to theese shots, I would like to sum it up in two significant words in fly fishing; fette vilt!


I have not slept since last Thursday when you posted this – please upload the videos. Also – do you guys offer guide services, will bring lots of cigars / flies / first class booze to share!

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Hello Sjef! Videos will come in due time. Right now we´re still trying to enjoy the Indian summer.
Sorry, we don´t offer guide services.
However, your offer sounds tempting. Give us a heads up next time you´re in GBG, CPH or up north, and we´ll hook you up with some fishing.


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