Autumn Is Underrated

I Love Autumn!

I Love Autumn!

Last year, I made a video about autumn fly fishing called Eternal Summer. In the video´s voiceover I say something like  “I have to admit I´ve never really liked autumn that much”.

Well, now I have to admit that since moving up north, I´ve actually started to like autumn a lot! I went fishing yesterday, and again it was a day to remember. Sure, the hatches aren´t as intense as they can be in, say, early July. And the midnight sun isn´t here anymore, so no more magical nights of intensely red sunlight and rising fish.

But in return, the action is so compact, predictable and defined. The best time is from around 11.00 until maybe 18.00 or 19.00. All it takes is little/no wind and decent temperature for a little while, and voila: hatches and rising fish. And with the myriads of weird land insects crashing to the surface this time of year, the fish are quite opportunistic, too. So the fishing can actually be really good if you manage to hit the right conditions. In addition, the scenery is just so spectacular with the colours and the clear air and water.



And, in case you missed it, here´s the video:

Eternal Summer from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

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