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Season 2 – Ransarån – Of things to come

One intense week of J&FF is now over and I’m back in Copenhagen. We started off with a nice three-day fishing trip to Ransarån in northern part of Sweden. Me, Håvard, Petzi (our producer) and Terje (a friend and an excellent Bass player) were back at the scene of crime from last year. (See blogs:… Read more »

Oslo are you ready?

It’s 7 in the morning. Me and Fredrik are on the train to Oslo, where Håvard, Tapani and Petzi are waiting (or still sleeping…?). Our Oslo homeboy, Håvard, has planned everything to the smallest detail, as you can see in the following mail: Wed. 25/5: Tap, Håvard And Petz arrive late in the evening from… Read more »

Action in Gothenburg

It has been a hectic week. Lot of planning, practicing, running and actually also some fishing. Yesterday I played at a very strange but at the same time very nice party. The evening ended like this: Status Quo entered the stage… ! A couple of days ago I received a brand new rod from Guideline!… Read more »

The Art of Fly Fishing

There’s a big article about Jazz & Fly Fishing in the latest number of Sztuka Lowienia, (The Art of Fly Fishing) a Polish fly fishing magazine. And more than so, they even included a CD with three tracks from our new album! Unfortunately all I know in Polish is Sztuka (Art) and Lowienia (Fishing) so… Read more »

J&FF Live in Oslo!

We´re playing in Oslo on saturday 28th. Venue: Herr Nilsen, at 16.00. Oslo dwellers: Don´t miss this rare opportunity to hear the band live – this is our first ever Oslo show! We´ll be showing some new videos before the concert, and since we´ve started shooting Jazz & Fly Fishing: Season Two, our cameras will… Read more »

Album out now!

The Jazz & Fly Fishing debut album Slow Walking Water has now been officially released! We have updated the Music section of J&FF homepage with samples of each track, and you can even purchase the album directly from the page with PayPal account or credit card. Now as the fishing season is about to begin, it’s… Read more »

UPDATE: Finland – Sweden, 6-1

UPDATE (by tapani): Yes!!!!! Finland wins hockey world championships and most importantly humiliates sweden with a score to remember for a long time: 6-1!!!!! Fredrik before the game: I´m sorry Joona, but this is the result: 2-5!! Sweden will win and Finland will loose. Forgive me for saying that! In twenty minutes Sweden will win… Read more »

Here Is Trout!

With more than a little help from Norwegian fly fishing legends Lars Nilssen and Lars Lenth, who run the excellent flyfishing blog, I found trout! Smøla is the place. It is a totally flat and stunningly beautiful island on Norway´s western coast. The island has lots and lots of small watersystems, and most of… Read more »

Loving and living jazz & fly fishing

Vince Maggio, Professor of Jazz at University of Miami’s Frost Music school, describes his love for both Jazz music and fly fishing and how they are interrelated. Nice playing and fly tying!