Season 2 – Ransarån – Of things to come

The beauty...

One intense week of J&FF is now over and I’m back in Copenhagen. We started off with a nice three-day fishing trip to Ransarån in northern part of Sweden. Me, Håvard, Petzi (our producer) and Terje (a friend and an excellent Bass player) were back at the scene of crime from last year. (See blogs: 1, 2, 3)

I don’t have time to go too much into detail about what happened. I’ll just say that it was magical, and we of course filmed a lot of nice material for the blog and the Season 2. We’ll start going through the videos and pictures and hopefully I have time to make a quick edit for the blog about the high (and low) moments of our trip.

... and the Beast.

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My new but used the Canon S11 has arrived in the mail. Looking so forward to taking movies and photos with it, especially on my trips. Yessir!


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