UPDATE: Finland – Sweden, 6-1

UPDATE (by tapani):

Yes!!!!! Finland wins hockey world championships and most importantly humiliates sweden with a score to remember for a long time: 6-1!!!!!

Fredrik before the game:

I´m sorry Joona, but this is the result: 2-5!! Sweden will win and Finland will loose. Forgive me for saying that! In twenty minutes Sweden will win the ice hockey world championship. The final actually begins in 15 minutes!! If Sweden will win, Joona will by me a blended scotch. The countdown has began…


Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Fredrik, if Sweden wins, I’ll buy you a bottle of fine single malt scotch. But no worries, you will lose the bet and buy that for me.

Ice hockey between Sweden and Finland is not a joke, it’s serious business. VERY serious business. And now it’s world championship finals, and THAT is as serious as it gets. So even if this is a little off topic, tonight is all about hockey, not about such nonsense as jazz or fly fishing.

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

OK. I admit it. It would have been nice if Norway was in the final. But at least we beat the Swedes (for the first time ever).

Lars Hamrå

I’m sorry/happy – select what’s best for you. By experience I know that in this hockey uninteresting month Swedish wins are correlated with Swedish wins also in the equally uninteresting European song contest and because Erik Saade only came in as number three it’s obvious that Sweden should loose the hockey final. Congratulations Suomi, a compensation for your failure in the song contest or?
Who will offer me some whisky?
(=: Lars, (Fredriks father).


Aaaahhhm sorry! Joona, the bloody bottle will come, just give me some time in order to find the worst one. Well, Finland won… but, as Håvard says, who cares about hockey anyway…

whiskey drinks

Relating to this concept i will have to state why don’t we celebrate together with a glass of single malt, and this day will begin really wonderful!


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