1. Gigs 2. Fishing 3. Workout

1. This month has been pretty busy with lots of gigs around Sweden. I’ve been touring with Anna Lundqvist Quartet on a CD release tour, and this week we had a couple of gigs with Anders Hagberg’s new quartet. Anders is a Swedish flute/sax giant who masters an incredible amount of different wind instruments. He had for instance a gigantic contrabass flute that sounds totally amazing! We finished our mini tour yesterday at jazz club Nefertiti in Gothenburg. A full house and a really nice evening!

Anders playing for the fishAnders and the big flute

2. It’s been quiet on the fishing front. Now as the touring will ease up a bit I might have to take a trip or two before it gets too cold (and the ice puts an end on the fly fishing season). Maybe some rainbow trout or (and) pike fishing…

3. I have also started training for the “Göteborgsvarvet” half marathon race, a huge running party in may, with about 60 000 runners. Me and Fredrik are among them, and will run in a J&FF tour tempo and try to win the competition before the Kenyans. When it comes to training, I’m looking forward to joining Fredrik on his “devil’s round”, a killer track that only few people ever manage to  run through (but Fredrik runs it twice every morning before breakfast).

Today I went to the gym with my friend Anders (a jazz drummer who is  inevitably becoming a flyfishing-maniac). The gym is located in the same building as my local fishing store. Fortunately the shop was closed today, and instead of spending lots of money on fly fishing gear we managed to do some workout.Drum-Anders posing by the gym

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