The Tight Lines Quartet Is Dead – Long Live Jazz & Fly Fishing!

When we were in Gothenburg recording our new album, we had a vote and the result was unanimous: The band is no longer called Tight Lines Quartet, but simply Jazz & Fly Fishing.

Nobody was using the other name anyway – everyone just called us Jazz & Fly Fishing (we even did ourselves).

Jazz & Fly Fishing is just a way cooler name for the band, and I guess it´s also less confusing for people now that we have the same name for the band and the show.

We´re doing a lot of planning at the moment. Scheduling the rest of 2010 – the fishing, the playing and the filming is a lot of work, but we´re getting very close to a finished schedule now. We´ll post things here as soon as everything is in the pocket.

The real fishing season is so close now – there´s barely enough time to tie the last flies. Mowahahahahahahah!

Here´s one of my favourite summer memories:

Big is beautiful!



No need for the finger trick there!
Hmmm…. What was the name of the lake again?


I believe the lake where Håvard caught that fish is one of the very few places in the world where non-anadromous arctic char can get selective on reindeer….

Nice new layout by the way 🙂


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