Now what’s going on here???

Firstly: our producer was in a bike crash and was really close to end up on the hospital bed for a long while. Luckily he was wearing a helmet and made it only with bruces. No fly casting for a while, but he’ll be fine for the summer’s expedition.

Secondly: I was playing floorball and fell down on the ground. I hit my right hand/wrist and yesterday it was aching really bad and got swollen. So now I’m just about to get it x-rayed. Piano playing and fly fishing feels far away at the moment. I just hope there are no broken bones there, otherwise it’s goodbye for the fishing trips and jazz gigs for the first half of the summer.

Keep your finger’s crossed (I can’t) and wear a helmet!

I hope mine look as good as these!



Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

General advice to everyone: stop doing sports. It´s bad for you.


I’m starting to wonder, that does this have something to do with Fredrik’s curse? Tapani, are you feeling fine and well rested?

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Of course. I think you’re totally right, Petsi – it must be Fredrik’s curse rearing its ugly head.
If only he would make a proper sacrifice. That would save us all from the wrath of the Sami gods.


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