National Day, Bears And Plans

Greetings from Sweden! No picture this time, I’ll save them for later!

Click on the blue text below to see the greeting card. This iphone-clip is from Dresden, and today we’re doing about the same thing in Gothenburg. This is how we are supposed to celebrate our own national day.

On friday I will hopefully catch wild trout over 2 kg. Actually maybe even over 5 kg if I´m very lucky. I´m going to a top secret place somewhere Sweden, Norway or Finland. It is right now a bit to cold there but the trout will bite anyway. Why so secret about the place? Well, according to a guy that I met last year, who’s been fishing all around Scandinavia the last twenty years, this is the best of them all… The weather will probably turn crap and so on, but anyway, it is a fantastic place, out there in the wilderness! “break a leg” /Fredrik

Greeting card: IMG_0979

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