New Video: Picking Blueberries

On June 14th, I grabbed my camera and my flyrod and went to one of my favorite areas to fish and film a little bit. Beautiful scenery, beautiful fish and a not-so-beautiful man. Bon appetite!


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Thanks, Michael!

The subtitles are simply meant to make it easier to follow for people who don´t have English as their native language.
I often use English subtitles myself when watching movies and TV-series that don´t have Norwegian subtitles.
But you´re right, the audio was pretty clear on this one, so it might not have been necessary.


Just a great video piece. I guess composing the music and making the video must be a little like tying your own fly and catching fish with it. So, presuming you did all three…
Keep it up.


Great video Havard! EglinTon has a point, I’ve tried to make films in the past and what always staggers me is the amount of work that goes into making a them, how long do you guys spend putting these things together??

Tapani / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Damn håvard. Can’t wait to get up there in just a couple of days !! Hope to see as much truttico then as you seem to be getting now!


I get the subtitles now Havard,I might work some into my own videos as an Australian accent can be hard to understand and my audio ain’t to crash hot. Also sorry for misspelling your name man (my girlfriend pointed this out to me while I was showing her your video)
Keep em’ coming

Chris Dickinson

Great site — great concept and well done. I enjoy this and find it relaxing, inspiring and will be going for blueberries soon!


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