Hot day running

I’m now slowly recovering from last Saturday’s running. As I told earlier me and Fredrik ran the G√∂teborgsvarvet, world’s biggest half marathon competition.

The day was very hot and sunny, the temperature was around 25-26 degrees celsius during the whole run. It was the first warm day this year and many of the runners had not been prepared for such warmth and the need of water. Around 1400 runners had to interrupt and 80 of them needed hospital care. It was scary to run and see people lying on the ground every now and then, totally passed out. Luckily the spectators and the medicals were all over the track and everyone got the help they needed.

Halfway done I realized I can’t make it to my time goal. I concentrated on drinking a lot of water and keeping an easy tempo. I wanted to to get to the finish line, not to the hospital. And I made it, just under two hours. My legs have been really sore, and so have my shoulders that got a very big dose of sunlight.

But what happened to Fredrik – did you make it to the gig?

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