JFF goes Göteborgsvarvet

In order to be in shape for the fishing season me and Fredrik decided to participate in the Göteborgsvarvet, a half marathon running competition in Gothenburg. It’s a big running party with around 50 000-60 000 runners, lots of bands playing by the track and the whole city watching and cheering. The weather forecast is promising warm wearther and sunshine so it will be really hot and sweatty!

My aim is to run under 1 hour 50 minutes, but it will be tough. I’m not sure if I can make it. Fredrik is starting ahead of me, with the “real” runners. His legs are about twice as long as mine and he totally lacks the ability to get tired when he’s moving. When he sits or lies down he can fell asleep in seconds. Power sleeping technique, he says. I remember him mentioning that he must make it to a gig after the running so he must keep up the running tempo. If he finishes at one and a half hours or faster, and he’ll be in time for the gig.

Keep your fingers crossed tomorrow, and all of you in Gothenburg come cheer us up! We are two of the 50 000 similar looking runners out there, you can’t miss us!

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