The Alps


I just came back from the Swiss Alps near a very nice town called Le Chable. It was my first time there and I was truly amazed by the beautiful mountains. The reality actually beats the postcards this time. The highest peak is called Mont Forte and it peaks at 3300m, and the route from there is color coded black, of course 🙂

Thanks for Pekka and Jaana for taking us there!!

The Alps were almost too good to be true. (As is usually the case with the salmon...)

Check out the slideshow! I was a bit worried about skiing with my camera at start, but it turned out all right, and now I have 900 souveniers from the trip to sort out…


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Nice salmon, and beautiful shots!

Man, we have to go to Japan soon. The rivers here are incredibly beautiful, and filled with lots of different salmonids, some of them unique to Japan.


haha, i never seen so a fish on ski! and i life in sveitz! greetz from emmental a part swiss in the near of bern, whit nice fishingplaces:
im a flyfisherwomen!


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