Even Further North

We woke up very early, took down the tent and forced it to fit in the tent bag. After a hectic day with several hours in the car, we arrived to Harstad for the consert at the Festspillene i Nord-Norge festival. Håvard set a new personal record by talking three hours without a single break. It felt kind of nice to step out of the car when we finally reached our goal. After a short soundcheck, we ran to the closest resturant and then back to the hotel for a quick shower before the gig. It was a great gig – fun to play and a nice audience. Some really magic moments! After that, Tapani and I decided to do some fishing. Even tought the time was 01:30 in the night, the sun was shining, beautiful!! /Fredrik

By the way, we will now go straight into the wilderness and won´t be able to blog until about a week. Our backpacks are about 30 kilos heavy and not even full packed yet. I hope we all will survive out there! Have a nice summer down there untill we here again! /Fred and The freaks



Norway, Sweden, Finland.. You should make a topic in the forum, and try to guess or ask the guys…
-Petri from Production team


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