On the road – at last!

The tour has finally started! I’m sitting on a train from Gothenburg towards Stockholm and further to Uppsala, where I’ll pick up the tour wagon. The car has been pimped to match the classy J&FF look! Pictures will be posted shortly…

After serious packing and unpacking I managed to fit my gear in three bags yesterday. Gig clothes, fishing clothes, fishing gear, a couple of thousand flies and fly tying equipment, music, cables… Not to mention all the fishing gear and outdoor stuff + instruments that we’ll pick up in Helsinki tomorrow. All of it SHOULD fit in the car!

Fredrik will soon join me on the train and we will take the ferry to Finland tonight to meet the rest of the gang tomorrow morning. HÃ¥vard, excited as he is, couldn’t wait until now: he’s been test fishing up north for about a month. This guy must be the most eager fishing-nerd I’ve ever met! But I can assure he’s in good company!

Okay..time for a second cup morning coffee now! Cheers

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Jazz&Fly Fishing TEAM

The production teams solid quess is that you guys won’t fit to the van! I bet one beer! – Petri


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