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Saxnäs, Sweden

We arrived in Saxnäs. Before heading off to the Ransarån river we had a special gig in a fishing shop. The fishing shop in Kultsjögården was a real treat after a long drive. They served excellent coffee and food right next to the fishing gear. The concert was soon to start when we realized that… Read more »

On the Road with Miles

After the hard days of salmon fishing in Beiarn we said goodbye to our excellent guide Bört, put on some Miles Davis and headed off to Sweden to find the relaxing peace of the tundra. Fredrik had some deep scars from the salmon fishing so it was good that we went back to his home… Read more »

Blog posts coming up!

Hi all! We haven’t had too many chances for posting blogs the last couple days, but that is now about to change! The diaries of the JFF expedition will be updated soon so that you can catch up on what has been happening here… Hold tight!

Big Gig Tomorrow in Gothenburg

It has been hectic times last couple of days making the road movie. We are now driving towards Gothenburg and everyone is psyched up about tomorrow’s gig. It will be held at: HAGA TEATERN, Gothenburg wed 12th aug 19:00 FREE ENTRANCE! B THERE!

More coming soon§

Here are some very exclusive pics from our latest wilderness adventure. We are now pretty beaten and in a hurry to  the next gig. More text and pictures about what REALLY happened are coming soon.

Gig And Salmon In Beautiful Beiarn

We came to Beiarn a little bit to late since Tapani was struggeling to get his lenses in his eyes for two hours. He is very slow when it comes to that. The first day we made a gig in a nice wooden house and we had a good time! The two guest artists, Paulo… Read more »

Beiarn, here we come!

We’re getting closer to Beiarn and the Groove Valley Jazz Camp! Short stop at Arjeplog to check out the famous Arjeplogströmmarna. A 6,8 kg trout was caught yesterday by some lucky local, so we’re very excited at the moment! Possibly some night fishing closer to the Norwegian border also, let’s see…

Photo Competition released!

The first photo competition has been released last week, with Helsinki Spey Clave! Lookin’ for the coolest Fishing photo has started! We would love to see more those suits-on pictures too 🙂 See more on the COMPETITION tab!

Lappland Magic

Back up in Lappland now, after some wonderful days in the Finnish koskis. Great audiences, big trout, beautiful scenery, comfortable living, unisex sauna…I’m hooked for life! Lappland has been fantastic during the last few days. We’ve caught several remarkable  fish, and really gotten close to some serious wildlife. Fresh bear tracks 100m from our tent…… Read more »

VIDEO TEASER from the tour

First video teaser from the tour. Video holds the song called “Surfboard” composed by Joona Toivanen and some video-candy from the up coming TV series. Jazz & Fly Fishing TEASER from Jazz and Fly Fishing on Vimeo. Feel free to spread and embed the video to your own sites also…