On the Road with Miles

After the hard days of salmon fishing in Beiarn we said goodbye to our excellent guide Bört, put on some Miles Davis and headed off to Sweden to find the relaxing peace of the tundra.

Saying goodbye to Bört, our salmon guide in Beiarn.

Saying goodbye to Bört, our salmon guide in Beiarn.

Salmon fishing can make you sad.

Fredrik had some deep scars from the salmon fishing so it was good that we went back to his home country to play some music. Some times music is the best medicine. We had tough time not to stop and fish in some of the beautiful places just near the road. I actually think we would have done it if it wasn’t for the producer rushing us…


Håvard and Tap jamming at one of Sweden's scenic rapids

Mr. Producer

Mr. Producer: He's actually a very nice guy. But sometimes when the fish are rising and we're behind on schedule....man...

Roadside scenery

Swedish roadside scenery

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