Lappland Magic

Back up in Lappland now, after some wonderful days in the Finnish koskis. Great audiences, big trout, beautiful scenery, comfortable living, unisex sauna…I’m hooked for life!

Lappland has been fantastic during the last few days. We’ve caught several remarkableĀ  fish, and really gotten close to some serious wildlife. Fresh bear tracks 100m from our tent…

A couple of days ago, my friend Arne took us to a special place he recently discovered, and the fishing there was absolutely fantastic. Thanks man!

Next stop for us is the Groove Valley Jazz Camp in Beiarn, where we plan to put our portable sauna into good use. The Beiarn river is arguably one of Norway’s finest salmon rivers, and there are lots of top jazzmusicians fishing and partying there during the festival, so we really couldn’t have found a better location for this crazy project. We’re gonna have some special guests on the gig there, and we’llĀ  play some brand new material, so Beiarn is going to be exciting. We’re also really looking forward to our (possible) rendezvous with the king of all fish – the Atlantic salmon.

Since none of us are experienced salmon anglers, we have to hope for some beginner’s luck. May the Gods be with us!

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