Critical Mass

Critical Mass


Just a short report and some pics from Santiago, Chile, where I played with Håvard Stubø Quartet last week. The tour was great fun, the food was good, the beer was refreshing, the music was happening, the audience was great. Everything was good. And there was no fishing at all.

Why? Because I just couldn´t make it happen. No time. For a fly fishing nut like myself, it really hurts to be that close to true world class fly fishing – in the middle of the nasty Nordic winter – and not be able to go fishing. I´ll be back!

Some shots from beautiful Santiago:


PS! Working on a video right now, hope to have it ready before Christmas. My well-filled camera bag getting stolen by a clever team of Chilean pickpockets was a minor setback for this little film (some seriously stupid tourist behaviour on my part), but my friend Arne lent me his camera now, so I should be able to get the last few shots done.

PPS! Some really exciting new videos coming after Christmas. More on this later.






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