The Finger

The Finger

 Right now, the short arctic autumn is rapidly turning into winter. Which is a good thing, really: The last couple of weeks have been a kind a limbo – no fly fishing and no skiing, just grey, wet, cold and dark. Late autumn is always messy, even the travelling and touring feels muddy and cold.

Everything gets easier when the snow comes, covering everything in gorgeous whiteness. It kind of cleans up everything and always gives me a feeling of starting fresh.

I´ve just started working on a new video. It´s more or less a collage of this summer´s fishing, with a kind of connecting storyline. I haven´t quite figured out how to do it yet, but the idea is to make a video that gives a preview to the videos that come later this winter/spring, but still is a film of its own. Hopefully I can pull it off.

We also have a lot more videos coming up on the website in the next few months, including some more ambitious efforts. This video season is going to be really exciting. More on this later.

Finally, a few more stills from last summer (all photos by Arne Mobakken except the trout pic, which was taken by Fredrik):


Peace –




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