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The happy Finn

16th of june was booked since a couple of weeks back. Me and Fredrik found one single night we were able to go fishing together. It turned out to be a very beautiful evening as we arrived to the coast at sunset. Our friend Joel joined us and we were looking forward to the night… Read more »

Tie your own leader

There is a djungel of fly fishing leaders out there. Do you have you own favorite? I have tried a lot of different brands and lengths but never really found a leader that beats the ones I tie myself. I did not invent this formula, only got inspired from a legend in the fly fishing… Read more »

New Video – Season Two Episode 2: The Sacrifice

Hello, dear friends! Easter is over, and Episode 2 of Season Two is ready. Fittingly for Easter, the episode´s main theme is sacrifice and rejuvenation of faith. Other than that, there are few biblical references… Season Two Episode 2: The Sacrifice from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo. Press CC on the player for English… Read more »

Tellmefishing video contest

My little video from last year, Focus, was one of the nominees for the Italian short film contest Tellmefishing. This Monday, I was happy to receive this mail: The jury panel has been very satisfied  with the videos received on the occasion of the first edition of Tellmefishing Video Contest and has decided to give,… Read more »

At the casting club, part one

While waiting for the next episode in S.2, I will try to ventilate a rhythmic theory of mine. It is actually not about drumming but something as simple as fly casting. Or is it really that simple? Just grab a rod, attach a fly, cast 100 feet and catch a fat trout… Maybe not that… Read more »

Season Two, Episode 1: The Only Way Is Up

Yep: Season Two Episode 1: The Only Way Is Up from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo. It´s been a really long road, but here´s the first episode of Season Two. Hope you like it! We don´t have a releasedate for Episode 2 yet, but it should be ready very soon. We´ll let you know,… Read more »

Line Dancer (Lainen Dancer)

Hi! Yesterday I found one of my broken fly lines. It happens now and the and I have a couple of broken lines I have to admit. My standard behavior is to think like this when I find these line monsters: It might be useful, lets put i where I found it. I know that… Read more »

New Video: Season Two Trailer

Hi! Finally the trailer for Jazz & Fly Fishing Season Two is here! Enjoy 🙂 We are going to release four 15 minute episodes digitally during this winter and spring. And they will be completely free! Enjoy and stay tuned for Episode 1! Tapani   Jazz & Fly Fishing Season Two TRAILER from Jazz &… Read more »

The year of 2013 and some bonus pictures

Fishermen, musicians and magic moment-lovers, hello and welcome to 2014! I hope this year will turn out to be the best year so far in history. Better than 2013… To make it short, fishing-wise I have had a lot of bad luck last year. Here is a short explenation… … It is late june in southern… Read more »

JFF interview @ Fly Dreamers

Our friends in Argentina have presented Jazz & Fly Fishing at their site Fly Dreamers. Håvard answered a bunch of tricky questions, a lot about film making and things around it. Check it out if you ever wondered: What kind of camera system do you use when you go filming outdoors? or How is the… Read more »