Season Two, Episode 1: The Only Way Is Up


Season Two Episode 1: The Only Way Is Up from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

It´s been a really long road, but here´s the first episode of Season Two. Hope you like it!
We don´t have a releasedate for Episode 2 yet, but it should be ready very soon. We´ll let you know, so stay tuned!

PS! Those of you who follow all our videos will notice that although this is a brand new edit and a lot of the material in the video is new, large parts of this video were released as “The Only Way Is Up” two years ago, right after we started working on this project. The next three episodes will feature previously unseen material only.

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Amos Garrett

Great 1st episode! could you tell me what species of trout your sea-runs are? We have sea-run browns and brookies on the east coast of Canada and sea-run cutthroats on the west coast.– thanks– Amos Garrett

Fredrik / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Thanks Amos! We have sea run brown trout but usually call them sea trout since they except for the spawning period spend there lives in the great big blue!


hi, the IMAGO website link isn’t working, are they still going? If so where can I view there products.

Fredrik / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Hi! They are restructuring their business plans right now… I think you just have to google it. Best regards, Fredrik


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