New Video: Season Two Trailer


Finally the trailer for Jazz & Fly Fishing Season Two is here! Enjoy 🙂

We are going to release four 15 minute episodes digitally during this winter and spring. And they will be completely free!

Enjoy and stay tuned for Episode 1!


Jazz & Fly Fishing Season Two TRAILER from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.


Bartek R.

Can’t wait! You guys are always welcome in Wroclaw, Poland with open hands!!! 😀

alexander knecht

Hello, I love to Fish with Fly and love Music. Your idea and site is brilliant,thumbs up ! in May 2014 we have the german fly festival (hamburg) website starting following weeks. lots of international guest, casting, tying, tackle, lectures … maybe you are interesting to join our event ? greetings from germany alex


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