Line Dancer (Lainen Dancer)

Hi! Yesterday I found one of my broken fly lines. It happens now and the and I have a couple of broken lines I have to admit. My standard behavior is to think like this when I find these line monsters: It might be useful, lets put i where I found it. I know that some guys use a warming pistol (directly translated swedish, might sound funny in you ears) and melt different lines together. Sounds cool but its not for me. So far I dont have a clue about about what to do with these line monsters… until today:

-Aha! Tying material! Caddis bodies!

Well, it is nor very revolutionary, but still, I really do believe in this fly pattern. Easy to tie, perfect siluette and positioned low in the surface. I will for sure bring a couple of line dancers this summer! Hmm, lets see… where are my new fly lines…

How to tie them:

Attach 10 cm of runningline Cut! Tie in one CDC feather Attach a bunch of deer hair... ... More deer hair, continue until only the eye of the hook can be seen Shape it as Mr. Caddis The Line Dancer




Very nice Fredrik, innovation at its best. Now we need to see this beast that is going to try to eat it for breakfast, in about 8 years when the snow has melted.

Fredrik / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Thanks, Graham and Chris! This line I actually used for maybe 10 years. Suddenly it went of (snap!) when I was power hauling trying to reach a rise.


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