Monthly Archives: April 2011

Modern Splitcane Rods – Tradition and Performance

I´ve always wanted to try a proper splitcane flyrod. Sure, I´ve tried some of my father´s old ones from the sixties, but they weren´t very good. Massproduced, worn-out rods that are heavy, slow and wobbly. The rods I had the pleasure of casting today couldn´t have been more different. It´s not easy to describe how… Read more »

Where Is Trout? – Part II

On Easter Monday, inspired by Tapanis recent seatrout disaster, I decided to try some seatrout fishing myself. I figured I couldn´t do much worse. And I didn´t! Since I spent this easter holiday in Narvik, way north of the arctic circle, my expectations were low. The fjord water is still really cold up there in… Read more »

Not Exactly Fly Fishing

Most nations have their own weird traditions: The Finns have their sauna. As often as they can, the Finns will gather in a red hot torture chamber together with their family and friends. Once inside the the sauna, they start beating eachother with sticks while pouring down way too much vodka, only interupted by ice… Read more »

Where is Trout?

I live in Copenhagen. Last years’ first fishing trip was on Good Friday with my girlfriend Johanna, and  my bass player friend Joel. It was a nice and we caught some cod on a spinning rod, so I thought it could be nice to make it an annual event to go fishing on easter, and… Read more »

Between casts – the horror of not catching

This video is basically seatrout fishing in a nutshell. Between thousands of casts you do something else, and this is a short film about that. We all have seen the fantastic, beautiful casts, and all the fat trout followed by faces of happy fishermen. This time we’re skipping all that and show the dark side… Read more »

Sea trout and bike

I’ve been very busy the last weeks. Very very busy. It felt like every minute and second was booked up, I don´t really like that style of living. Yesterday I finally had some time of my own. I packed the bag with the usual sea trout gear, grabbed the bike and went 20 km south…. Read more »

Jönköping Fishing Fair Interviews 2 – How to Sell Jazz to Fishermen

There was thousands of visitors at the Jönköping fishing fair. So many that we were confident we would sell out our cd’s in no time. After Joona had played a beautiful intro and solo on the Hatch followed by my excellent bass solo, we were expecting to see a long queue to for cd’s and… Read more »

Sold out!

I don’t know if this is good or bad, but all the signed Slow Walking Water CDs have been sold out. So if you have recently ordered your copy, or will do that, you will get an unsigned copy of the album. The music is the same, though! There are two reasons for why signing… Read more »

On the road again!

Greetings from the bus! We’re launching off the new season by taking the bus to some seatrout fishing in the west coast of sweden. We have a big tent, some food, and a huge pile of camera and fishing gear with us. Stay tuned!