Sold out!

I don’t know if this is good or bad, but all the signed Slow Walking Water CDs have been sold out. So if you have recently ordered your copy, or will do that, you will get an unsigned copy of the album. The music is the same, though!

There are two reasons for why signing cds is so difficult for a band like this:

1. Distance. We live in three different countries and sending cds over for signing purposes is very slow. We actually tried this, and after spending a fortune on the shipping fees, the package got lost somewhere in the post. Typical.

2. Fishing fever. We had a fantastic opportunity to sign albums last week when we all met in Sweden, but I suppose none of us had a slightest idea of doing that, since we were going fishing. And after the fishing we are now back to square one.

So, no signed cds at the moment. No worries – get your (unsigned) copy and come see one of our gigs or meet us down by the riverside. Just remember to bring a pen!

Map of Scandinavia

He's got the fishing fever

The signed ones are sold out


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

The package just showed up after 2 weeks in some parallell postal dimension.
That means that we have 10 more signed CDs available!
Hurry! Order now!!! Get happy!!!


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