Monthly Archives: April 2011

Jönköping Fishing Fair Interviews 1 – Biggest Fish? Listen to Jazz?

Jazz & Fly Fishing was with Guideline at Sweden’s biggest fishing fair at Jönköpings Fiskemässa 2nd and 3rd of April. We had three questions to ask from everybody: 1. What’s your biggest fish 2. Do you listen to Jazz? 3. Have you heard about Jazz & Fly Fishing We got some pretty good answers. Check… Read more »

Releaseconcert with HSQ in Helsinki tomorrow!

Hi! For those of you who live in or around Helsinki, I thought I´d let you know that I´ll be coming to Helsinki to play with my own Håvard Stubø Quartet tomorrow, wednesday. The concert is at Rytmihäiriöklubi, Juttutupa at 21.00. Free entrance. We´re bringing our brand new record Spring Roll Insomnia, too. I excite!… Read more »

Fly Fishing is a Joke

Since we’re in the mood for jokes… A film by Henry Harrison: The thing about filming other people’s fish is that, as hip and exotic it might sound, you’re filming and not fishing. You just can’t do both well at the same time… Having done some filming myself, I couldn’t agree more about what he says… Read more »

April Jacket

Thanks everyone who contacted us about the new J&FF suit jacket! I can tell that the interest was much bigger than we expected! But yes, it was an april fools’ joke, although the jacket has actually been professionally designed for us jazz cats fishing with suits on. Who knows, with enough interest we could make… Read more »

April Fools' Day: Jazz & Fly Fishing Outdoor Suit

We have just got a confirmation from our partners at Guideline Flyfishing, that a very limited edition of the Jazz & Fly Fishing Outdoor Suit will be launched for the summer market! The jacket combines functionality and durable outdoor materials with a classy style. It’s the perfect jacket for a fly fishing jazz musician who… Read more »