Sea trout and bike

I’ve been very busy the last weeks. Very very busy. It felt like every minute and second was booked up, I don´t really like that style of living. Yesterday I finally had some time of my own. I packed the bag with the usual sea trout gear, grabbed the bike and went 20 km south. Finally some peace. After a while I found them, the trout. Since I was in a very “fishy” mood, there are no pics of the fish, instead you can take a look on the bike setup.

Take a look at the flies below, they are really effective if you fish them the right way. The water is getting warmer witch means that it is a good idea to attach a shrimp in the end of the leader. This shrimp, the nature colored one, works very well when it is flat calm water and the fish is easily spooked. Try it…

One last thing – I strongly recommend you to go by bike when fishing, it feels so much better than driving the car or going by bus. Now I really have to sleep. See you very soon! /F


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Agreed. Nice pattern. Fat trout! Is it from your special place with the tidal currents?


I’ll do a step by step when I’m back home again. It is not that tricky and the material is very cheap, that’s the nice thing (except that it catch fish!) I’ll be away with my girlfriend for a couple of days, spa and other action activities are waiting. Will try to get as much fishing time as possible, we are staying very close to some really nice sea trout spots…


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